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By Stuica
Hello, my name is Stuica and it looked like I may have been recently banned from the discord servers. I do not know the reason nor do I have any idea why but I want to apologize if I have done something wrong, If its about any joke I have made on the server or anything as such I did not mean it to offend anyone and I do not remember having any bad relationships with any members of the community. If the ban applied is permanent or unremovable I would just like to know the reason why if it is not a bother. Thank you for your time.
By Stuica
Yes thank you for replying, this is the name 🌒Stuica🌘#9507
By Stuica
So to get this straight, I was banned of the server for a joke on my "about me" section of my profile that has been there for over 2 years now? I do not believe this is fair especially since I have not recall ever being racist or anything else in chat and due to the fact that the about me is a part that is not publicly shown unless you re looking at my profile. According to the rules that state " No flaming, no cursing (at least not too much), no insulting, absolutely no homophobia, sexism, or racism and their associated slurs." I have not flamed, cursed or any of the above, nor did I break the rule that states " No stupid or vulgar names. " As stated above I do not believe it is fair that I get banned after complying with the rules because a random user started a fight after reading the about me, without even getting the chance to explain myself or warned about changing my "about me". Also I have never been implied to by a staff member or moderator so i have not broken this rule either " Last but not least: always listen to moderators! When a moderator tells you to stop doing something in the chat, or to do something such as change your profile picture, this is them utilizing their discretion to apply the rules and as such their say becomes the rules." not to mention the way the other user talked after I stopped reading the chat, which would imply he did not respect rule 5 "5. Be friendly, be helpful, Be gentle . Be civil and respectful. " All in all I do not find myself at fault of breaking any of the rules stated in the discord community, nor have I implied anything that could be taken as something that has broken the rules for as long as the couple of days that I have stayed and have been active on this server. Thank you.
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By Fexelea
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You were banned from the server for claiming to be a nazi, and when asked about it telling people to "get over it" rather than attempt to explain your "joke"

Inappropriate profile content (including avatars and comments) are against our rules, and claiming to subscribe to the nazi ideology, even if you don't explain it in the server, certainly falls within that category.