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By Anonymous
Does anyone can tell me which of those great blades swing at the same speed as the "blade of teeth" ?
I crafted blade of teeth from the first fire mage and fell in love with the moveset.
But since, I have find and craft more great blades like the Oar of the deep or the curde one but those weapons does not attack at the same speed than the blade of teeth. They are slower, and I really hate it.

Why the developpers did put different animation time on the same weapon class... this is absurd
By Anonymous
Closest I have found is the Storied Greatblade. I have also gotten attached to the Blade of Teeth, with a fire necklace and upgrades, it's a monster.
By Anonymous
Temporal razor, i feel that the atk spd is the same with blade of teeth, for rank 5 storied greatblade is good but the atk spd is lil bit slower
By Anonymous
I wouldn't mind the different speeds if the slower ones hit harder or had greater poise mid-attack or something but it really doesn't seem to be consistent differences
By Anonymous
So many shades of attack speed. There’s actually a rank faster than blade of teeth, you see this on ear cutter and temporal razor. And then storied greatblade is just a bit slower while hitting way harder. Mechanum greatblade swings slower… but it’s heavy attack is full on chainsaw spam >:D
By Anonymous
Temporal Razor is the one you want, it has the fast attack modifier. The weapon art is absolutely amazing against mages, if you can get the timing right. Fast attacks+slowed mage=dead mage.