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By Anonymous
This guy isn't hard, he's just cheap. Mess up one block or dodge after his staff slam starts shooting tracking projectiles, die and restart the fight.
By Anonymous
Yep. Not a very fun fight tbh, first big miss in the game for me.
By Anonymous
I believe when i fought him you can block some of the damage of the insta kill status effect when it triggers thus causing it not to instant kill you. I also found if you a hp potion when the condition triggers you can heal hp back when it was sopost to kill you and you don't die these were the only reason i was able to kill this boss.
By Anonymous
What was difficult to make a stone near the boss? why after the boss I have to die 2 times from ****ing arrows and lose 9 thousand salt?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
This was completely useless
By Anonymous
The wraiths give a debuff that kills the player if maxed..
By Anonymous
And the homing projectiles from staff (50%hp) too ;/
By Anonymous
This boss is the first giant design flaw plays may encounter in this game.

1. Now it summons 4 wraths instead of 3, so it’s possible that you’ll instant die if you get hit by all 4 in one round.
2. Not sure it’s a design flaw or bug: if you stand close to the arena edge, shoot bow or spells, wraths can be summoned outside of the screen and instantly kill you without you even knowing what’s going on.
3. The biggest design flaw: it can ragdoll you with staff bash and then death wisp combo, so one dodge miss and you’ll be instant killed.
By Anonymous
Oh boy, one-shot mechanics that happen when you mess up a single time
By Anonymous
okay just block or parry the attacks and at all cost avoide the skulls or the spells he cast

block and parry are the same thing
By Anonymous
also ashbone stave are really good on this fight that extra speed straight up allows you to take no damage if you want attack and roll right after