Comments made to our Salt & Sanctuary Wiki and Salt & Sacrifice Wiki
By Anonymous
Is anyone enjoying these? They seem to have terrible reach, speed, stamina drain, and damage.
By Anonymous
I like the spinny combo
By Anonymous
Spinny combo ducks but yeah they're kinda rough. Aesthetically tho, fire. Fashion and sacrifice
By Anonymous
they look sick
By Anonymous
Gale crescent (lvl2) is the best. It's super fast, uses little stamina and has awesome runic arts.
By Anonymous
A. Why are theses classified as sickles and not scythes
B. Where is the invasion medal scythe
C. These weapons suck sadly :(
rip cool looking weapons.
By Anonymous
Why did they change the swing sound? Doesn't even sound like a bladed weapon now
By Anonymous
Blood Harvest best one and it's missing from the list!