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By Anonymous
If anyone has seen the Zweihander please lmk
By Anonymous
Zweihander can drop from the black armored knights wielding it in ashborne village. Underground and in the castle areas.
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i love you
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And they lived happily ever after.

By Anonymous
Are these all the weapons as of now or are there still undiscovered ones?
By Anonymous
There's several weapons not listed here. There's a 2nd chainsaw and the stick of doom spam isn't here either
By Anonymous
Miss scissors and dagger+pistol/wand combo
By Anonymous
One of the two-handers is a scissors.
By Anonymous
Actually 2 of them are scissors the mangleblade and the tombtenders guillotine
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By Abaddon
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are direction inputs for combo's still a thing in this game? seems like all combo's are tired to Square/triangle presses vs the old salt and sanctuary's more fighting game system of adding in movement presses as well.
By Anonymous
Depends on the weapon, certain weapons have "up" during combo, others have "down" attacks.
By Anonymous
yes, light attack, then light attack with 'up' held creates a different moveset for most weapons
By Anonymous
no guns?
By Anonymous
No gunblade???
By Anonymous
How does blocking cost work, i read an article about best weapons saying that less is better i.e. 0 is better than -45 but that seems wrong
By Anonymous
no hands?
By Anonymous
What is the best weapon? I had to take a break because i wasn't having fun but now i dilated to give it another try. So what should i use to have fun?
By Anonymous
ashbone + ice staves