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By Fexelea
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Launches Today! LETS GOOOOO :D :D
By Anonymous
I already have withdrawal symptoms from this game and it's not even released yet.
By Anonymous
Anyone want to coop?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Is there even a discord for this game?
By Anonymous
there is
By Anonymous
We need a wiki page for gestures
By Anonymous
Game ded
By Anonymous
Fake news
By Anonymous
Imho the game is extremely inferior compared to the last game, and not just the annoying mage hunts and maze-like locations, and not even the same gameplay flaws of the last game, where the only strategy is just ditching as much damage as possible in shortest time, but the story line is complete ****. Now compare it to the mysterious and freaky story the last game's island had :/ All in all, pretty bummed out about the whole thing, never replaying it again, had to suffer through just because of the love for the first game