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By Peepshow
Hello all, returning DS player here. Ended up on a bit of a soul farming to try various specs. Loved the pure dex sellsword twinblade build, but got bored so swapped to pyro. Current specs:

SL: 178 Knight Vig: 44 Att: 40 End: 28 Vit: 30 Str: 18 Dex: 20 Int: 40 Fth: 40 Lck: 7.

Looking for tips around equipment and gear mostly, but I'm open to respeccing to other stats too. Current gear:

RH1: Pyromancy flame +9 RH2: Cleric's sacred chime RH3: composite bow LH1: Witchtree branch+9

Saint's ring (or Sage's ring +1) Great swamp ring Fire clutch ring Witch's ring

I've been reading up on using melee weapons for this build as I guess they buff fire damage? I'm looking to remain a caster.

I do have quite a bit of melee weapons including Soldering Iron, Immolation Tinder and Witch's Lock.

Just started the first DLC, so looking forward to getting tips to improve myself! Thank you :)
By dung3point14
I made this build for you. I main pyromancer. If there's one thing you should know it's that the Demon's Scar is the best pyromancy catalyst in DS3. Why? 1) It's a curved sword, arguably the best class of weapon. 2) It's a weapon and a pyromancy catalyst in one. This frees up your left hand, in which you will hold a Saint Tree Bellvine (you dont actually hold it, you 2 hand the Demon Scar with the chime on your waist). Why do this? because the Bellvine gives you max casting speed--this means you don't need the Sage Ring. This means you now have another ring slot which is huge. Being level 178 you have a lot of room to play with levels. I would not level up any more if you intend on doing any sort of PvP as you're already quite high. On to the build:
39/39 int and faith because the Demon Scar doesn't get much of a boost going to 40/40. It doesn't make a noticeable difference in damage and its simply more efficient this way. You need 16 STR for the Demon Scar, I bumped it up 2 levels to 18 so you can also wield a Dark Infused Lothric Sword, very good when you're against fire resistant enemies or Strength build players. 14 Strength for the Onyx Blade, it's an amazing and cool pyro weapon. I took Attunement down to 30 because I think 40 is overkill but if you really want that extra attunement slot then keep it at 40 and simply adjust endurance or vitality accordingly. After this I dumped the rest of the points into vitality so you're nice and tanky and can wear basically any armor you want. Ring of Favor because it's OP, and the rest are what you'd expect, Witch's ring, Great Swamp and Fire Clutch. Swap out the Fire Clutch for something else if you ever do PvP, its nerfed in PvP but its amazing for PvE.
I hope you like it :)