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kinda cute ngl
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Any locations before the eternal cities? Curious if I can farm the set before radahn.
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By GotSouls
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I feel like deeproot depths has one but i might be conflating it with my memory of eternal city
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All I get after 30 trys gloves and legs. Plenty...since I never had to farm more at 3% than this, at 200 its 6% . Still why no head or chest? Makes 0 sense and believe they were removed in recent patches. Thanx FromSoft, way to piss fans off for no reason.
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not removed, got them today
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Ask and ye shall not receive.
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Got it today after respec to 95 arc and popping a feet all hail the feets
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Night Maiden's Mist. Then Glintstone Pebble. They keep dodging back into the mist.
Just saying...
By Anonymous
i thought that with her sword i'd get her moveset. Biggest disappointment...
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Omg can ANYBODY tell me what that damn silver cloud attack they do even does to you? Its not writen anywhere and its starting to piss me off
By Anonymous
This might be too late but it’s an Incantation called Night Maiden’s Mist. It just passively damages you. The player can obtain it too.
By Anonymous
It's a sorcery spell called night maidens mist
By Anonymous
Does anyone know why the statue offering atonement at the church of vows for a celestial dew is the swordstress not the night maiden?
The night maiden is described as being of the "highest clerical rank" and I'm wondering if the idea of atonement to the Nox was at the pointy end of a sword.