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By Anonymous
We missed out on having deathblight applicable scaling and weapon arts. We got **** for everything else thats useful. You know how fire a deathblight Brick Hammer would be? Smack that seedbed right into that bh stepping *******
By Anonymous
Imagine if Flame Art was converted to be DEX-scaling rather than FAI, and there was a new "Ancient" affinity that added Lightning damage and scaled with Faith.

Prelate's Charge would swap to being Fire, and Flaming Strike would be part of the new Flame Art. Then add two or three new Ashes for Ancient affinity.
By Anonymous
But what would be the Faith-scaling fire affinity in your scenario?

Flame Art is fine as it is, only thing missing is that "ancient" affinity you are talking about
By Anonymous
day 334 of malding that lightning weapon damage isnt tied to faith and that fire weapon damage is barely tied to faith
By Anonymous
Why not use flame art? I use flame art on my pyromancer. Good damage
By Anonymous
I will there was some Rot Whetblade tbh
By Anonymous
occult is for people that use bleed builds when they need to fight something that imune to bleed
By Anonymous
The coexistence of Fire and Flame Art intrigues me, as it means that there can be two versions of an infusion with different scaling, what if we had a version of frost with INT/FAI scaling magic damage, representing Ghostflame, or a Golden Order version of the holy infusion with INT/FAI scaling holy damage
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By Hirotoro
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Can we please stop calling AP AR? It's attack power in Elden ring. AP
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Next you want us to say 'Sites of Grace' instead of 'Bonfires'.
Not happening.
By Anonymous
it means the same thing. Attack Rating(AR) and Attack Power(AP).
By Anonymous
Still gonna say AR, still gonna say bonfires, still gonna say souls, still gonna say estus
Deal with it
By Sharizcobar
What I feel is missing is a Faith Lightning damage infusion that grants Faith/Dex scaling, a Fire infusion that gives Str/Faith, and a Blood or Occult infusion that grants Faith/Arcane.
By Anonymous
Right now flame art is just a straight upgrade to sacred since they do the same amount of damage and have the same scaling but fire is a much better damage type than holy
By Anonymous
I’m kinda disappointed they need to add sleep rot madness and especially death blight build up whetblades
By Anonymous
The problem is that madness and death blight wouldn't affect many enemies as most are automatons of some type (even the foot soldiers are animated dolls), so there'd be no point. As much as I'd love to have a rot-inflicting weapon, it would be too OP... imagine katanas (or other innate bleed weapons) with rot as well.
By Anonymous
Those status are too strong to be able to be put on anything. imagine using the antspur rapier with innate rot + an ash of war that adds madness as base status with an active effect that adds sleep like poison moth flight adds poison. Now one weapon is Rot + Madness + Sleep, or take dual wielding curved swords 4 hit combos into account and 1 running attack would instantly apply one of those statuses. That would be ridiculous.
By Anonymous
That would be broken especially the death build up
By Anonymous
praying that we get a whetblade that adds sleep buildup in the dlc
By Anonymous
i guess the only option is to get st. trina's sword in caelid