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how is square off still a thing?
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Why isn't Wing of Astel's Nebula skill listed as dealing lots of stance damage? Each explosion does a lot (I don't know how much), and if you hit a big enemy with some or all of them, it can almost instantly break their stance in my experience.
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I'm wondering if poison can keep the stance damage up for each tick of the debuff
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Flame of the Redmanes got nerfed from 40>10 stance damage
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Hammers, Great Hammers and Colossal hammers got a buff in 1.07 and a nerf in 1.08 revolving about stance. Please update those values.
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So what exactly is the difference between stance and poise? is it poise that takes damage and the stance being broken is when poise takes enough damage, or are they two completely different stats / mechanics?
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These stance damage values are wrong colossal weapons (hammer) (at least the giant crusher and prelate's ) breaks stance faster than any colossal sword I tried, using only standing light attacks, even though it says the value us higher on colossal swords
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If these values are correct then this is utter nonsense and completely unbalanced. Colossal Swords/Weapons Standing Light, Jumping Light and Standing Heavy are all the same while all other weapon types get increased values? How does that make any sense? Also a jumping heavy of a Colossal Sword is only 4 more stance damage than a straight sword??? Why do Colossal Weapons/Hammers do less stance damage than colossal sword? Shouldn't it be the opposite/the same? Why do Straight Swords etc get 4x the stance damage from a Standing Light to a Jumping Heavy? That is an absolutely insane increase. From 5 to 20?? While a Colossal goes from 15 to 24?! HUH? So a 400% increase VS a 60% increase. Yeah, totally fair and makes sense.
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The 'stone of gurranq' incantation should be on that list of spells. Also, some mention of certain enemies where From Soft have moved the goal posts to ramp up difficulty in the laziest and cheapest way possible. Crucible knight duo boss fight at Auriza hero's grave don't so much as flinch when hit by the weapon art on a +10 blasphemous blade. The sword slamming down hit AND taker's flames and the c**t poised right through it and took 3 / 4 of my HP with one f**king hit.
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I think stats might have a role for stance breaking. I don't know which stats but I tried it on Golems at Mountaintops using +19 Heavy bastardsword. Without Godrick's rune, it took 2 full charge attack and 1 light attack to stagger. With great rune, it took 2 full charge attack. Currently lvl 110.

Stats (Godrick's Rune activated)
vigor 45
mind 16
end 30
str 54
dex 19
int 23
faith 35
arc 12