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By Anonymous
How do you guys know, how much stance damage weapons deal. All your tables display it, yet I can't find a single indicator in the actual game. Like, kinda mega ultra stupid, because weapons in the same weapon class deal different amounts of stance damage
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Does poison or scarlet rot damage ticks prevent stance from recovering passively?
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This needs much more info. Need a table for everything like the Poise page has
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what i've seen:

weapon class>attack type>weight

each weapon class seems to have a base line stance damage number

obviously jump/charge attacks have higher stance damage

weapon weight seems to have a modifier to the class, anyone using a Beastman's Cleaver will likely talk about how easily it breaks stance over the other Curved Greatswords. on the other hand Lucerne can drop a golem in two charged hits and a light with minimal weight for it's class (7.0)
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More... details...
I would like a list with various sorting functions if possible.
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Look up poise instead. It's referring to the same mechanic.
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Flame of the Redmanes - nuff said
By Anonymous
Flame of the Redmanes - nuff said
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I believe in Dragonmaw superiority
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Parrying adds to stance damage greatly. The reason some bosses take multiple parries to be broken is because they're tied to the same mechanic. They don't actually take multiple parries to be broken, just that a single parry is not enough to fill the whole bar like with most normal enemies. So for example, a combination of jump attacks, charged R2s and a single parry can be enough to break Malenia's stance, as opposed to just doing 3 parries in a row.
By Anonymous
It takes two Flame of the Redmanes to break Malenia's stance, three parries to crit her. You also need two flames to break Crucible Knight in Limgrave evergaol, but you can crit him immediately after parrying just once. Both Malenia's poise and stance HP are relatively low (for a boss), she's just full to the brim with BS mechanics, triple parry being one of them.
By Anonymous
If you saw this happen, what patch was it? On 1.04, I have fought Malenia a bunch while parrying, and while I've never seen her crumple in less than three parries, I've many times stance broken her immediately after she stands up from being riposted after three parries. This seems incompatible with the idea that stance and parry health are the same meter.
By Rexis102
30 May User, I’ve done the same thing. When fighting Malenia, I find myself parrying her a lot. The way the stance meter works is it’s stagnant for a set amount of time before quickly regenerating. A parry will do a very small amount of stance damage, but more importantly, it will halt the regeneration timer too. I’ve stance-broken Malenia with a parry before (when it was either the first or second parry attempt that normally wouldn’t result in a riposte). The parry counter is a separate mechanic from the stance meter, but the act of parrying can still influence the boss’ stance meter.
By Anonymous
I've never understood how that works on a boss needing two or three parries before their stance is broken. Does that mean it isn't a meter like the status effects where it will start to go the other way once the pressure is off, and it's like a HP or FP bar that needs to hit zero to get the stance break?
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This is just describing Poise. This page is useless and incomplete and should just redirect to the Poise page.
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They are not the same thing though...
By nex3
I've just updated this page a bunch, including clarifying the difference between Stance and Poise.