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By Anonymous
"I've seen your kind, time and time again. Every fleeing mage must be caught into a circle." (c) Mages of Azeroth.
By Anonymous
I know the same caster can only have one out at a time, but does anyone know if mimic tears or multiple co-op partners can stack several Terra Magicae sigils and increase the boost? My instincts say no, but as buffs go, TM is kinda weird so I'm curious
By Anonymous
I've had my mimic cast one overlapping a TM I laid down. I didn't see anything different from the normal buff. It's so strong anyway, stacking would be ridiculously broken.
By Anonymous
I came back to the game after a year hiatus to try a magic build and while I apparently have already looted the chest containing this spell, it's not in my inventory. Is that a bug or something?
By Anonymous
Did you put it in your Storage chest?
By Anonymous
20% is still a massive buff. Flame grant me strength and exalted flesh are a 15% damage boost while golden vow is 7.5%. Mages have incredible close range tools with carian slicer which still does a ton of damage after the nerf and gavel of haima which has a ton of hyperarmor making it hard to punish a mage in terra magica by getting close.

20% is a much better place for it in pvp.
By Anonymous
why they change the name of this from Terra Magicus to Terra Magica?
By MMaya
Someone didn't study latin at school. :)
Because "Terra" in latin means earth.. and it's a feminine noun in latin.

And when you do declension adding those suffixes at the end of the word in latin, they are different for masculine and feminine nouns.
So "Magicus" would be magical for a male nouns
And "Magica" would be magical for a female nouns
So since Terra is female noun the latter is correct, so they fixed it.
By Anonymous
obvious Madoka Magica reference
By Skvader
This makes me so glad that PvE and PvP have separate scaling now because I only play single player and I would be so annoyed by some of these changes if I didn't. IDK what's going on in PvP but I sure do see a lot of nerfs every update. Doesn't seem like it would be much fun at this point...
By Anonymous
Almost all of the changes have been buffs with very few nerfs
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