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By Anonymous
How good is this as a self buff? Is it good?
By Anonymous
Yeah its good
By Anonymous
How about you try it yourself instead of relying on what others tell you.
By Anonymous
To guy saying "how bout you try it yourself" - that requires going through the WHOLE DANG dungeon /cave ...not being in combat to pass fog wall to beat duo bosses and THEN past elevator fiiiiiiinally up elevator. It's a slog. He WANTS to know if the journey is WORTH
By Anonymous
Does this work for Incantations?
By Anonymous
This applies to all magic. I don't think its exclusive to sorcery magic.
By Anonymous
Dragonice, Glintstone breath and their upgrades benefit from this. I don't think there are other incantations that deal Magic damage.
By Anonymous
Anyone know if this boosts Incantations as well?
By Anonymous
No, only magic damage. Incantations do holy, fire, lightning and sometimes physical.
By Anonymous
Glintstone breath maybe, that does magic damage i think
By Anonymous
It states that this buffs all magic damage, but I’ve tested it with rock sling and it definitely doesn’t appear to boost that damage. Loretta’s and other glintstones do appear to be affected
By Anonymous
rock sling does physical damage
By Anonymous
Rock Sling does physical damage.
By Anonymous
Beast incantations are considered physical damage
By Anonymous
Rock sling does physical damage, not magical.
By william075
rock sling do physical this spell buff magic damage.
By Anonymous
I think because rock sling deals physical damage.
By Anonymous
it's basically FFXIV Black Mage ley lines smh
By Anonymous
Ley Lines boost your casting speed, not your DPS.
By Anonymous
More casting speed= More DPS :v
By Anonymous
what about when your mimic casts it?
By Anonymous
Seems to work.
By Anonymous
If the sigil is there it will apply to you as long as you stand in it. Doesn't matter who cast it; could even be from a hostile entity such as a duelist/invader or the Mimic Tear boss.
By Anonymous
This combo with hidden tear comet of azure equals fatality
By Anonymous
they changed the name why
By Anonymous
Terra is female in Latin, Magicus is the male form of the adjective, Magica the female form. The Latin Cabal complained most likely.
By Anonymous
Terra is Latin for Earth or soil and is female in form. The corresponding adjective should be in female form as well. It used to be Magicus, which is the male form.
By Anonymous
Well, if someone complained they did well. Using a different language doesn't excuse you from checking it when you're making a video game with a pretty hefty budget...
By Anonymous
Does this boost Glintstone Breath and Smarag's Glintstone Breath?
By Anonymous
It most certainly does increase the damage because they do magic damage.
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