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By Anonymous
What is the key to make the second weapon come out on ps4(specifically radhans swords)
By Sneekmuch
Main hand - katana
Off hand - wakazashi

These work together like power standing but only when the dagger is in the off hand. Kinda cool.
By Anonymous
I find it supper weird that we somehow got this b*stard child of a paired weapons system alongside powerstancing...
By Anonymous
The wiki is incorrect when it says strong attacks remain the same. For fists and claws only; They vary both charged and uncharged to the one handed moveset, usually adding one or two more hits depending on if the attack was charged, which part of the chain the attack is in, and if one of the shouts that alters movesets was used..
By Anonymous
For real paired weapons like the Ornamental Straight Sword your weapon carry weight isnt doubled when you dual weild/powerstance them
By Anonymous
Why do paired weapons block with L1 in this game? In dark souls 3, L1 was the dual wield attack and R1 was the standard one handed attack. Huge shame.
By Anonymous
Paired weapons > Powerstancing any day. The paired weapons in DS3 are the most fun and unique weapons in the entire Dark Souls trilogy, and the Rakuyo and Blades of Mercy in BB are two of most unique weapons in the entire franchise in terms of movesets. Quality over Quantity any day.
By Anonymous
I...sort of agree? I do like paired weapons because you can keep a shield on your back (stamina/HP Regen) but in an ideal world we would have access to paired and power stance in the same game
By Anonymous
DS2 had the best of both worlds with unique powerstance movesets and being able to use either one of your two weapons at will. You basically had 2.5 movesets going on at once, and that 0.5 that comes from the powerstance had unique examples like the majestic greatsword, smelter hammer, nil greatsword or even something minor, like the dual curved sword l2 changing to a spin attack if you had a warped sword in your right hand
By Evarika
The paired weapon right hand attack button uses the same moveset as dual wielding the weapon type, but the charged/heavy attacks are different. That's the main benefit, outside of reduced cost to upgrade, I'd say.

The main downside is that you can't use the one handed moveset, reducing your options, as it replaces that with blocking.
By Anonymous
you can just onehand the weapon to use the one handed moveset, it takes less than a second to make the input
By Anonymous
With the samurai start, you can pick up a second uchigatana and those pair. One left hand light attack does a quick slash with left then right hands, a second light attack flows into another paired attack with different motions, and a third light attack does a simultaneous slash both hands.
By Evarika
That's dual wielding, not using paired weapons. They're a little different.
By Anonymous
Paired weapons are a single armament that comes as a pair.
By default, you only wield a single armament in the right hand, but once you attempt to 2-hand the weapon, it switches to holding both weapons, one in each hand.

In doing so, this puts a moveset akin to a powerstance on the R1 and R2 slots, and adds a block on the L1.

This can be useful for switching out to a shield/torch in the left hand while your paired weapons are buffed without losing the buff on those weapons as well, Effectively letting you shield-up briefly before dual-wielding buffed weapons again.