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Typo in the word "default"
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So there is no ash of war for this, and the sorcery that casts a similar spell uses Int and Arc, while the weapon for this uses faith....
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Sorry you want to save all that bubbly goodness for yourself
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I chuckle every time I see this attack used. Kinda wish there was a dinky little pop sound if the bubble missed and didn't hit anything.
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What damage type is it? Holy? Magic? Physical?
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well the description says it blows a "magic bubble" so obviously it's holy
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does the damage scale with upgrades? if so, is it worth it getting this to +10 lol
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this thing shreds malenia
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doot doot
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Is everyone joking about this being good? It hits for like 50 a pop (no pun intended). Do you need to upgrade it or something? I have 30 faith
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upgrade it with stones / make sure you have the stat requirements
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What do you bloody think? of course you have to upgrade it
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The version of this thing the big motherfu**ckers blow at you when you are trying to make your way down the Haligtree is no joke. One shotted me at 60 VIG. It might look like those soap bubble toys but you wont be laughing if it hits you.
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By Hirotoro
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the big version comes from one of the larger horns