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By Anonymous
I use full snow witch set, maxed out azur staff and have 96 int. I can hardly do dmg with these. Please buff frost sorceries
By Anonymous
Aren't they primarily for dealing the frost status? After that triggers switch to more damaging spells, or use a fire pot and reset frost.
By Anonymous
tf are you talking about? adula's moonblade is overpowered
By Anonymous
@August 22, not certain if you knew this, but Adula's Moonblade got nerfed real hard a while back. Before it was most likely the best sorcery in the game, but now it is just a slightly better Carian Greatsword, albeit one that isn't as fp efficient.
By Anonymous
so cool ;)
By Anonymous
I've been dueling as a frost spellblade for at least 30 hours now and I can say that they are pretty good. Combined with swift glintstone shard icecrag is a decent spell, adula's moonblade can catch people off guard when swung for a second time if you freecam. Freezing mist by itself is a garbage spell but it's sorta camouflages your next move. Zamor Ice storm is great against aggressive players since it staggers continuously, if you can cast It on time that is.

I expect new cold sorceries from DLC, something similar to storm blade or a Carian piercer type ice spear but as a spell can be great