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Surprised not a lot of people are discussing the lore implications of this thing. Is the primal glintstone an organ completely unique to sorcerers, and if so are they even humans in this setting? Or, assuming that one Dung Eater theory is true, is it just a shirikodama-esque organ that every human has and that has been transformed by glintstone in a similar way to Azur and Lusat or the glintstone dragons? Can all sorcerers change bodies like this, or just powerful ones like Sellen?
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This is how Ranni transferred her soul into the blue doll.
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Save this item or else, BeHoLd BALL
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Whoever decided The Primal Flintstone that is Sorceress Sellens soul should die when I teleport to the roundtable. I literally can't stand you
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The soul doesn't die, it simply tells you her body has died. Which would happen anyway once you put her soul in to the puppet.

You can still do the quest.
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Why even finish the quest? I can just keep Sellen with me right here in my pocket.

I love you Sellen-sensei