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they're cool, but they're incredibly impractical unless you spec your whole build to them, and at that point any other spell is gonna perform better in the damage department, and any blood infused weapon is gonna perform better in the blood loss department.
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just make a Faith Build, Formless Mother and Blood Star and everything that is blood is only for Faith
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Spell Idea
Thorned Shield

Entangles your Shield with Red thornes which apply bleed built up on contact
This also applies to the wearer... for a lesser extend.

Requieres some HP to cast.
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By HealerUwU
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Another boring shield buff spell Zzzzz
By Anonymous
Would have been nice if there were more tools for an int arc build as I like that combo there just aren't allot of tools that make sense for that the way dragon incantations make int faith make sense
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100 percent
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I always want to like a build with these spells because they seem cool to me but by the time I get enough faith to use these and enough arcane to make them effective the dragon incantations seem so much better with the same stats distribution that I end up using those and thus derailing the abberant build altogether
By Anonymous
Incantation = powerful while sorceries = weak, plus 80% of sorceries and INT themed weapons are for faith or have faith requirements
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Warning : USING THESE CAUSES Mental Damage
By Anonymous
Would've been nice to have a couple more spells to flesh out this class. Maybe a blood glintstone pebble or the funny spike explosion that red albinaurics do.
By Anonymous
We need dozens of silver tear spells for arcane
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Weird that there are sorceries that exclusively require faith only require faith.
By Anonymous
weird that Faith is the god of Stars & God of Death, God Of Holy, God of Blood, God Of Everything.
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My brothers in Christ
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I heavily reccomend using endure on your main wep to anyone looking to try these out in pvp. Briars of sin especially.
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There's no point
By Anonymous
WHY would you want to use that when this should have infinite hyper Armour.