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By Bagguete
Something of note is that the stuff that takes the most faith in these spells is more so just relying on the blood mother to give you her flame while the two that require the most arcane is you stealing her power, which together with dragon communion hints at arcane just stealing another gods power
By Anonymous
I really like these spells, but they are very situational, with low bleed build-up. Heres hoping that if dlc happens they get buffed, we get more of them, and a seal for them that really lets them shine.
By Anonymous
They were fine before they were nerfed. It’s a shame, blood incantations are useless now. Thanks for nerfing all my favorite ways to play!!! -_- (I only play PvE)
By Anonymous
It annoys me that you can only get 2 of these without varre
By Anonymous
No? Varre is irrelevant to getting these, other than trying to get them super early
By Anonymous
Not anymore lol
By Anonymous
You can get all of these without Varre