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By Anonymous
This questline gave me a new respect for house hoslow. Im sorry juno for killing you that one time
By Anonymous
After Jarburg gets attacked and you talk to everyone, reloading the area causes Jar-bairne to move to Diallos' corpse and begins eating him, no new dialogue, just the horror of the kid eating him
By Anonymous
lol, is coz their version of cuh?
By Anonymous
It's another spelling of cuz/cus, short for cousin
By Anonymous
if you already defeat alexander but never start the quest you can just reload the area each end dialogue to progress the quest and when bairn want stronger Potentate and you cannot progress even you warp to mountaintops giants, try warp to grandlift then go to mountaintops giants using grandlift and rest at grace near zamor ruins without warp.
By Anonymous
Just FYI: You *cannot* get absolution for killing the jars and restart the questline. I'm gonna have to wait until my next playthrough to meet Jar-Bairn.
By Anonymous
They need to give us a DLC where we only kill these poachers. I swear to god, I will repec just to wield dual giant hammers with claw talishman and jump attack smash their skulls in. Let us avenge them FS!
By Amilibertine
I got some dialog lines that aren’t loaded here.

While sleeping he says ‘The tale of house haslow is told in blood’.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Love that someone can go from 13 Reasons Why to voicing the pot bois. That's the biggest jump I've ever seen an actress make!
By chillypheese
Voicing in a video game isn't a step up from a TV show.
By Anonymous
It is when going from 13RW to Elden Ring lol
By Anonymous
I think VA in 13RW is significantly bigger then elden ring. I haven’t watched it but im just saying
By Anonymous
Can anyone here tell me how the **** I get this little guy to spawn? I heard his voice ages ago, never found him, and when my bro told me about him I went back so i could do his quest but he's no longer there.

My question is, did he move, where did he go, and if not how the hell/where the hell do I find him now?
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