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a true tale of warriors
By Anonymous
I wonder what happens if u don’t give him the remains or tell dem he didn’t defend the jars
By Anonymous
Just tried it, he says something like "haha, i see... i see... i've been a fool to the last" and dies
didn't receive anything at all
By Anonymous
I killed Diallos outside of Raya Lucaria in this playthrough to get his unique helm before Jar Bairn and his questline was added in an update. I was still able to finish Jar Bairn's questline and receive the Jar Companion talisman as a reward after speaking with him between reloading the area a few times and finally giving him Alexander's Innards.
By Anonymous
You can use the "Ironjar Aromatic" Perfume to get oily hands and start the quest.

Then you need to go through his dialouge a couple of times, resting at the grace each time. The NPC that he mentions can be found in one of the houses with a little jar. Trying to figure out what the next step is now.
By Anonymous
Oh really? I am curious if this might let us fight the "poacher". I killed Daillos on this my first run for mask and whip since his was at a dead end at the time. Curious if I can get the talisman on this playthrough otherwise NG+ here I come.
By Anonymous
Thx for quick update
By Anonymous
I wonder if he can be found elsewhere after he leaves. Either way, he was a good pot, coz
By Anonymous
I guess i can make my hands smooth in some way?
By Anonymous
Will edit later;

He asks to see your hands, but theyre not smooth enough?
I tried soap, sadly didnt do anything,
By Anonymous
PotFriend Big and round
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