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By IgnatiusZ
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Also wondering if affinities/effects of the weapon transfer to the lance
By Anonymous
Insane range by default.

Cheese the npc at the study hall with it. Best poke for lance.
By Anonymous
Wildly inconsistent damage. On an unupgraded spear I'm hitting anywhere between 40 and 109 on the goats outside the Church of Elleh. I don't think it scales with arcane either but it's hard to determine because the damage is all over the place. Very disappointed so far.
By Evarika
It has significant damage falloff at range. The main use for it is poise damage, I'd say.
By Anonymous
This skill doesn't scale with arcane but rather with strength and dexterity. The best infusion for the best output damage is "quality".
By Evarika
This is untrue, it will scale with arcane if arcane scaling is present on the weapon. It seems to be based more on AR than anything else, I think.
By Anonymous
Deals a ton of poise damage. Two spears in a row will stance break an Omen in Shunning Grounds - that's pretty much a Brick Hammer. Unfortunately it has a big arc so unless you free-aim it requires close-medium range for lock-on to hit. It also has a very long recovery time. They should buff it by removing the recovery time and make the trajectory lower. It's very fun to use tossing it at the Fire Giant when summoned at the Fire Giant's Forge.
By Anonymous
It might just be me but I couldn't work out where it was by this description. What site of grace is it near? In what direction? Again could just be me but the only courtyard I could think of was that one near the Debate Parlor and I'm pretty sure it wasn't there
By Anonymous
Church of the Cuckoo

Cross rope bridge

Go up to top of graveyard

Look at doorway. Now turn around.

There is a downhill slope to your right.

There is a scarab on that slope. Kill the bugger.
By Evarika
Things to note:

It has significant damage falloff at long range, which is mitigated to a pretty significant extent by the Arrow's Reach talisman, which also increases its speed. This could indicate that the falloff is based on projectile lifetime, rather than distance travelled.

It does not inherit bleeding or poison from the weapon.

Similar range to a shortbow when locked on, though it arcs for its whole path, rather than traveling straight until its 'range' stat has been reached.

Actual range is essentially unlimited, as long as you take its arc into consideration. This means that there is a maximum range at every elevation difference. As such, I cannot determine maximum falloff.

The throw goes slightly upward to compensate somewhat for the arc.
By Anonymous
There is also a noteworthy “catch” point in the arc where it adapts to either curving to track or it’s tracking switches off when not on lock on. This appears as a slight upward pitch in the trajectory at times.
By Anonymous
After doing some testing, I don't believe the Arrow's Reach Talisman increases the speed of a traveling spectral lance, at least at short distances. Maybe, if the speed of the spectral lance normally decreases at the point where the heavy arc kicks in, then this talisman may just be delaying that decrease in speed. Still helpful if that's the case, but as far as short Spectral Lance use distance, speed seems unaffected, so not at all worth equipping at shorter distances just for the hypothetical speed increase.
By Anonymous
Spectral Lance <3
After discovering the advantages of this skill, the game makes much more fun. Now I invest also in Arcane and this makes me able also to use the dragon incantations. My character became much more diverse. Beforce: Only melee -> Greatshield and Halberd; Now: the same+range+some low-level incantations.
I struggled before with some enemies, but now they become easier (but not in an OP style).
Arrow's Reach Talisman + Shard of Alexander + Ritual Sword Talisman + Halberd+25 = Amore
By Anonymous
"Deals 5x the Poise Damage of the weapon on hit, allowing the user to stagger enemies from quite far away." -> not correct. I tested it on the troll at the grace near Godrick. With the short spear, halberd, nightrider glaive, gargoyle halberd and pike I had to throw it 3 times, till the troll fell to ground.
By Anonymous
That is stance breaking not poise breaking.

Throwing a lance at a Omen or Knight should make it stagger in a single hit, it won't bring them to their knees though (ie stance break)

By Anonymous
Seems like they changed something???
In 1.05 +1 Arcane gave you +2 Damage.
In 1.06 +1 Arcane gives you +3,3 Damage.

Can somebody confirm this (maybe low-level Arcane)?