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By Asriel.Cypher
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Huh... I can't say I am shocked... I thought the Dragon Cult Incantations were the Dragon Spells.
By Anonymous
There are actually TWO schools of Dragon Incantations.
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By Arcaneblaze
I wonder if the damage from these spells, with a +20 Gravel Stone Seal is really crappy, or if I'm doing something wrong. I am level 105, I have 50 Faith +5 from talisman (and using the talisman that boosts Incantations), I hit enemies with the Lansseax's Glaive for like, 400 damage. There is something wrong, I don't know. Lightning Spear hits for about 700. Is this is? Or am I messing something here?
By Anonymous
Definitely seems weird. I'm over here with a Dragon Communion Seal and dealing out like 1200-2200 depending at +10 on the seal with 46 Faith
By Anonymous
Lansseax's glaive is an pretty good AOE spell in a frontal cone. the big dmg comes from being hit directly with the glaive. Seems to me like single target spells are purposely heavier hitting than aoe spells. haven't tested anything myself tho.
By Anonymous
upgrade your seal thats your problem +5 wont give you much at that level
By Anonymous
Are you using the scorpion amulet + lightning tear for physick flask? Also lightning scales of dex instead of faith (yeah it's weird)
By Anonymous
Are you using the Lightning Scorpion Charm? Should add a bit more damage. Also the Lightning Shrouded Cracked Tear for the Wondrous potion also adds more damage.
By Anonymous
Lighting scales from dex on WEAPONS, not incantations. Stop spreading misinformation. Incantations scale with whatever your seal scales with.
That said, your damage seems very low. I'm doing more than triple that damage on a dragon communion seal +10 with 60 arcane and 30 faith.
Also keep in mind that the Glaive does most of it's damage from the actual glaive hit, the lighting wave does less than half of it's total damage.
By Anonymous
Flock Talisman, Faithful talisman, lightning scorpion talisman, two fingers talisman. Should be a good start for max lightning damage

By Anonymous
In Dark Souls, this was the magic that destroyed the dragons. In this game it is now the magic used by the dragons. Case in point….

By Anonymous
One of the dislikes must be from Gwyn
By Anonymous
At the moment of posting this, there are 5 dislikes. So, they would be from Gwyn, Artorias, Ornstein, Ciaran and Gough
By Anonymous
May the ancient dragons bless you
By Anonymous
Been going full dragon cult for most of the game, and to anyone considering it, I say this. Don't.

The dragon cult incantations absolutely suck ***, with one exception: Lightning Spear.
Ignoring the general problems with being pure faith for the moment (can't use a sacred weapon and buff it with incantations, faith is the only stat with no secondary benefit, heals spells are insanely slow, incantations are slow in general given lack of dex, high need for talisman slots just to make incantations passable, etc etc...), the spells in this category are just plain bad.
Honed Bolt is okay if you expect that your target isn't going to just walk up and hit you while chain-casting it. They will, though. Might as well just throw Lspears instead.
Lightning Strike is a sort of combined LSpear + HBolt, and worse than both. It's slow, hard to aim to get multihits, and enemies that are fast enough can walk through it.
Glaive looks wicked cool but has a hilarious 4s casting time even with the casting speed talisman. Any hit will not just stagger you, but FLOOR you as you're in the air. It deals about a spear and a half if you hit up close, or about half that if you hit with just the sparks. It'd be a really good and fun crowd clearing spell if it casting with reasonable speed or you could tank a hit while casting. As such you're just gonna get hit out of the animation basically every time you want to use it. Fun fact: invader-type enemies can jump over the glaive and hit you with a jumping attack. They will.
Frozen lightning is similar. Stupid long cast time, get floored if you take a hit. The nice thing is that it at least deals strong damage against big targets, possibly doing 3~6 lightning spears worth if the target is huge and you land it just right. You won't, though, since enemies aren't stationary and the cast time is so long. Also enemies can sometimes just run through it and take no damage.
Dragonbolt's main benefit is more of a PvP one; if you want resists you generally use other incantations.
Vyke Dragonbolt is a crappier electrify armament + vanilla dragonbolt, but trades enemy-hit-rebound for equip load bonus. Who the **** wants limited duration equip load bonus.
The other spells come so late in game that they're basically nonexistent.

Skip this whole incantation category. Fromsoft hates Faith and hates these spells especially.
By Anonymous
don't care, didn't ask + radio
By Anonymous
you dont know what you're talking about Sorcery and Incantations both can do some the highest damage in the game to bosses sorry you did it wrong and have a bad taste in your mouth about it . This is also sounds like you barely tried the various kinds of incantations. maybe go check out all the people that no hit the game only using faith or sorcery :D
By Anonymous
Bro you talking mad nonsense. They are slow, yes, but you can make them faster if you want to. Death-lightning can one shot every player unless they have the bubble shield tear or maaaad lightning resistance. All bosses can be killed with these if you wear a good armor for poise and are at level 40vig. The damage on some of these is insanly high, + the dragon spear and you become a "faith chad", making most fights trivial. You can think about where your enemy will be after you casted some of these, making them hit most of the time. Faith isnt magic, it reqiers a brain unlike Sorcerers.
By Anonymous
Some of the replies here are snorting copium. Yes, incants have the *potential* to do high damage and melt bosses. I also have the *potential* to wake up early every day, exercise, eat my 5 a day and not spend hours arguing with people in Fextralife's Elden Ring comment section. Realistically though, neither of those things are going to happen.

The setup (both gear wise regarding farming/item acquisition time and actual setup needed in a boss room before RGB lightning strikes everywhere) vs damage ratio is just scuffed, for the big flashy ones, you are absolutely not killing a boss with them without a bunch of pre-buffing or plot armour bestowed by Miyazaki himself. For incants in general, it's either lightning spear (which STILL gets outdamaged by a sorcery build) or a combination of no poise/high casting time, can be dodged/runpast/outspaced easily, or bad damage. If it's fun, go for it, I love my faith caster builds, but point for point it's worse than a lot of other builds
By Anonymous
sounds like you're just bad
By Anonymous
Everyone ignore this comment, the dragon cult spells have been buffed significantly in the last patch.
By Anonymous
Anyone looking to trade for one of these? Missed it on my first playthrough just started new game plus. Can drop Id on PS if anyone is interested
By Anonymous
Books and incantations/spells cannot be dropped for another player to pickup.
By Anonymous
They're very slow, maybe they're affected heavily by cast speed though? Lightning affinities scale with Dex, so maybe that's a hint from From that lightning needs dexterity to wield effectively?
By Anonymous
Nah, even with 70 effective Dex the damage spells are still super slow except for Lightning Spear. It's a nice thing you can beat the whole game with Lightning Spear, but in my experience the other direct damage spells range from 'extremely situational' to 'don't even bother' right now.
By Anonymous
The regular bolt is relatively quick if you dont charge it.
By Anonymous
Nope incantations and sorceries get power from your seal/staff.There is no dex scaling seal except frenzied flame seal (but it's scaling is C) so they mostly don't scale with dexterity.They basically scale stats which your seal scales.
By Anonymous
Mostly true. The spell damage doesn���t scale with dexterity (Unless you���re using a particular seal), but the cast-speed does, up to 70 dex.
By Anonymous
At least Lightning Spear is good?
By Anonymous
They all have been buffed in the last patch.
By Anonymous
a lot of these need heavy buffs
By Anonymous
So most of the spells are unfortunately weaker in terms of usability. Lightning spear is solid in terms of range and cost, while Lightning Strike allows for some good dps when you continuously cast it. Other than that, the Ancient Dragon Cult spells suck, while some of the higher damage and flashier dragon cult spells come from later dragon bosses.
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