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By Eggwo
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Who's the better Damage over time status effect now Scarlet Rot? How does it feel to be an inferior version of this? Not good huh.
By Anonymous
I like using this item a lot for my poisoner assasin build. This thing isn't very effective if used in the middle of combat because the animation takes a long time to get going, so I usually just use it when undetected to poison a group of enemies before facing them.

Bad thing being, if they're too far from you, the poison won't proc the Kindred of Rot's Exultation Talisman and you won't be able to poison them again in quite a bit of time (30 seconds, give or take).

So you either have to measure your distance from them very carefully to still trigger it, or simply use the mist at your feet after aggroing them to lure them into the cloud. Still better than Poison Mist, though
By Anonymous
You could always use poison moth flight on them to reset the effect.