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By Anonymous
182 discovery with 7 arcane and the silver scarab talisman. Got this skirt by killing 6 of them. I got really lucky apparently.
By Anonymous
I farmed the whole set in 12 runs from the 3 archers on the cliff SW of the liturgical town grace. They do not need to be riding a wolf to drop the set.
By Anonymous
Got it after killing 2 with 235 discovery and the silver scarab talisman, guess i was lucky, i farmed the ones sw of the liturgical town grace
By Anonymous
While wearing a dress this turns into a pair of pants that reaches down to the calves, so good option for fashion if you're wearing a dress and want to fill every armor slot without having 2 skirts clipping.
By Anonymous
Forget this, slap on Malenia's Greaves with the Blue Silver Mail Armor
By Anonymous
ties together most armors that go beyond the hips
By Anonymous
10 helms, 13 chests, 7 bracelets, 17 bows, before 1 skirt dropped from the ones by the tree SE of Ordina.
By Anonymous
i've been having the same problem, cannot get the mail skirt to drop at all. Got a tonne of every other part of the set.
By Anonymous
Got my silver scarab, eat a silver fowl foot, minimal arcane, and... FIRST TRY BABY!!!!
By Anonymous
i wish we could alter the skirt, i wanted to do an elf kind of character but the bare foot is anoying
By Anonymous
Why does it not come with shoes!!! so sad
By Anonymous
By MikaelOre
... because they are crippled... the don't walk... THEY ARE WOLF RIDERS...!