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By Anonymous
6 hours of grinding and no envoys horn
By Anonymous
This guy is mad ****ing annoying, even if you roll it still catches you with instakill BUBBLES, HOW HUMILIATING.
By Anonymous
Might sound counter intuitive, but the trick is to roll into them toward the giant, their tracking make it so they crash into the ground 100% of the time, but its annoying how he spam them continuously.
By Anonymous
I have one question. There is information that can parry the enemy, but I couldn't parry the enemy. If there is a video of someone succeeding in parry, I want to share it. Or please revise the contents because it can't be parried.
By Anonymous
flame of the fell god+borealis mist

use borealis mist to proc frost while the flame is approaching the envoy, the flame explodes to reset the frost while you're still casting the mist to proc frost again = instant kill
By Anonymous
Just looking for a stress free place to farm strps of white flesh but get a big bubble blower and im outta here
By Anonymous
Just kill crabs or land squirts
By Anonymous
Thats a big bertha
By Anonymous
absolute UNIT of an oracle envoy
By Anonymous
Swarm of flies probly also wrecks it or of course rob weapon art.
By Anonymous
Anyone struggling with killing them use ezykes decay with dragon comm seal, wrecks this thing don’t wait for it to tick down just hold the incant one hold of that spell with canvas talisman does 3600/5200 two breaths is a quick kill with range
By Anonymous
*use high holy damage resist*

sure ok
*uses maximum holy damage resist plus buffs*

gets one shot anyway

damage resist does NOTHING in this game
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By Lyfalda
Then you are just doing it wrong, my 90% holy dmg resist works perfectly
By Anonymous
Someone's failing the vigor check