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By Arqan
Since the last patch the HP regen has been buffed quite significantly (~70% increase!). This now restores 600 HP over 35 seconds which is about 17.15 HP/s.
Therefore it is the strongest HP/s regen ability in the game and fully stacks with other HP regen effects.
It is possible to stack a total of +34 HP/sec with Holy Ground (+17 HP/s), Blessing of the Erdtree (+12 HP/s) , Icon Shield (+3 HP/s) and Blessed Dew Talisman (+2 HP/s).
By Anonymous
With the boosted HP Regen from Patch 1.07 this is especially good on the Great Turtle Shell, because it helps to offset the fact that it doesn't block 100% of Physical damage, especially if you pair it with the Ironjar Aromatic. While you're confined to the circle, the Fallingstar Beast Jaw's Gravity Bolt is excellent at preventing enemies from reaching you, and if you're two-handing it, the Great Turtle Shell can keep your Stamina Regen boosted.
By Anonymous
People will call you a spell spammer/healer but refuse to even enter this circle. This is best on a caster since spells/buffs/stacked regen will punish people who don’t enter. And I stack regen on bubble tear, shield/spear ritual talismans. On a tank, it’s less good, you’ll just have really long staring contests while people switch to beast roar or thunder bolt and waste their fp. Pretty boring if you can’t cast elden stars to punish them. It’s ok for invasions but 3 people will still over power you even if you’ve got a collosal and status is status, nothing this spell can do about it.
By Anonymous
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By Anonymous
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