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By Blackberry21
I can't find the black blade kindred in this area.
By Anonymous
I despised the black blade kindred boss in dragonbarrow but enjoyed the fight here solo, strange since I expected to rage like the previous one but my heart was pounding as I nearly died a few times to the AOE Spin attack but luckily levelled vigor twice 8/10 fight 2 points dropped since the boss hits a smidge too hard imho but a good fight nonetheless
By Anonymous
S-tier atmosphere. Fighting the black blade kindred just hits different. I really wish the area was larger. Staring out at the reddened skies, from the crumbling stone of a once regal stairwell as ash rains on the specked floor. Best feel.
By Anonymous
The amount of ******* you have to go through just to get here is ridiculous. **** you FROM.
By Anonymous
Not that hard if you take it slow and play a bit more defensive to keep flasks for the boss warming stones are good between mobs
By Anonymous
It's not snow covered, that's ash
By Anonymous
As much flak as this place gets for being uninteresting gameplay-wise, the atmosphere is superb. It's incredibly uncanny, as though you've found yourself somewhere you're not supposed to be.

It has an eerie, liminal feeling to it, especially at night - stepping into it from leyndell, and feeling the grandiose atmosphere drop, to be replaced by dark silence, is probably my favourite moment in the whole game.
By Anonymous
I love the background music in this place, my favorite spot to idle in game.