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By Anonymous
Someone should really make a list of the foes that this can work on. Might as well be me, so here goes:

Alabaster Lord
Albinauric (2nd generation only)
Ancestral Follower
Ancestral Follower Shaman
Avionette Soldier
Azula Beastman
Baleful Shadow
Banished Knight
Blackflame Monk
Black Knife Assassin
Cemetery Shade
Cleanrot Knight
Crucible Knight
Demi-Human (except small knife-wielder)
Demi-Human Chief
Depraved Perfumer
Exile Soldier
Fallen Hawks Soldier
Fanged Imp
Fire Monk
Foot Soldier (Godrick, etc)
Frenzied Villager
Glintstone Miner
Glintstone Sorcerer
Kaiden Sellsword
Kindred of Rot (Pests)
Knight (Godrick, etc.)
Large Oracle Envoy
Lazuli Sorcerer
Marionette Soldier
Misbegotten (except flying variant)
Misbegotten Warrior
Night Maiden
Noble Sorcerer
Nox Monk
Nox Swordstress
Onyx Lord
Oracle Envoy
Putrid Corpse
Rotten Duelist
Sanguine Noble
Servant of Rot (mushroom men)
Silver Tear (including the blobs)
Soldier (Godrick, etc.)
Thorn Sorcerer
Twinsage Sorcerer
Vulgar Militiamen
Wandering Noble

Note: I didn't test it on any of the bosses (because I was already half-way through the game when I started compiling this list), but it will definitely work on boss variants of the enemies I tested.
By Anonymous
Wow, all the humanoid enemies are on the list. Who could have predicted this?

Good thing someone went to all this trouble to list them out - and remember kids - before you FIST, check the LIST!
By Anonymous
op is the real elden lord
By Anonymous
dark hand got insane
By Anonymous
Dark Hand before it went hollow.
By Anonymous
For large enemies this should still do the damage intended and heal you but no grip animation it would make this a lot more fun and viable
By Anonymous
wish this had a little more range like when elemer does it
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By Qu4tr0
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Well I wrote up a full post with actual numbers but Fextralife decided to just give me an error, not post the comment and delete all my work so here's a ****ing short version of it. The scaling on this is pretty weird / confusing. 25 STR, 15 DEX, +23 Spiked Caestus Heavy infused has around 40 more AR than Keen infused, does around 100 more damage on 2H R1s, so everything is as expected. But for some Marika forsaken reason, the WoA does ~30 less damage when Heavy infused over Keen, even thought it has more AR. Testing was done on the same enemy, 2H in both cases, no talismans equipped, tested multiple times. Pretty non-sensical.
By Anonymous
Hope they patch the weapon buff damage shenanigans at some point in favor of making it scale well with arcane/occult infusion. Makes no sense that it's 2-3x more effective with a dex/str int/fth build than a pure arcane build.
By Anonymous
It does work on night cavalry when they're not on their horse
By Anonymous
Does it count as a critical?
By Anonymous
“Only effective against foes of human build.”

*Shows gif of serpent*
By Anonymous
Wait, since this counts as a critical hit, doesn't that mean the Cerulean Dagger talisman makes this free?