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By Anonymous
Does anyone know where this one is?
By Anonymous
item is still unfound
By Tarofel
I don't believe this exists? There is one excess Nomadic Merchant in the Mountaintop of Giants, they drop the Hermit Merchant's Bell Bearing (2).
By Anonymous
Have to agree with the rest of the comments. I was pretty thorough with my world exploration and I think the nomadic merchants stop at 10.
By Anonymous
I agree
By Anonymous
wouldnt eleven be the imprisoned merchant at mohgs palace??
By Anonymous
No he gives you the imprisioned merchants bell baring
By Anonymous
After toying with item IDs in Cheat Engine - I can confirm that this Bell Bearing does indeed exists.
However, it's empty / doesn't sell anything.
By Anonymous
likely placeholder for future/cut merchant or something.
By Anonymous
why does this need a page if it technically doesn't exist?
By Anonymous
So, we can all assume this is a placeholder for one that'll be included in the DLC, right?