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By Anonymous
I LOVE inconsistencies!!!! I love how you get used to the game mechanics and then they throw enemies that are "hard" because they disobey game mechanics at you!
By Anonymous
Give one good reason to have 2 of these guys and a putrid erdtree avatar in the same small space? I swear the three piece combo is worse than the crucible knight duo or the godskin duo.
By Anonymous
I was farming for a greatshield and one of them dropped an aeonian butterfly it wasn't on the list so I figured I'd mention it.
By Andromeda
Found a way to cheese the Haligtree Knight outside the church that drops the GreatShield - an Easier and more fun way to farm!

First, you will want to approach from the Haligtree Roots Site of Grace. Turn around and go up the elevator. The Elevator being in the UP position is key to the Cheese!

Clear the Church of the bugs on the ground floor... at least the ranged ones on the bottom. (Their ranged attacks are annoying but they are not hard to kill)

Leave the church and head around the corner to the right and find the knight sitting down around.
You will want to Kite the Knight into the church down the tunnel and towards the Elevator, Stay out of range but make sure the Knight is following.

Once you get to the Elevator you should be able to stand behind the button. You may have to move forward to entice the knight down the stairs. There is a Barrier in front of the lift platform that you should be able to stand behind and get some ranged attacks/ spells off. However, the Kight can get behind the Barrier or around it after a bit.
Be prepared to dodge and jump onto the button - this will either cause the Knight to get repositioned on the opposite side of the lift barrier OR cause the knight to try and follow you.... and fall to their death!

The outcomes of this method are the following.

1. You will be able to range attack the Knight to death from behind the barrier


2. You cause the knight to fall to their death


By Anonymous
These guys will get your *** handed to you, no matter what level you are. **** magic and demigods. They will bring you back to reality.
They are the definition of PURE STR
By Anonymous
If anyone needs help with these, stay out of their melee range and use Piercing Fang. They can't do anything about it.
By Anonymous
unfair "mob" having them as a field boss would have made more sense with their current stats, and the fact they have UNBREAKABLE poise (tried even powerstanced troll knight swords, does not cut it) when using their flasks is stupid, try using yours? get cancelled with even a punch, while they tank just about anything while using theirs

TLDR, albinauric archers, fire prelates, the few cleanrot knights in Elphael and these guys need a nerf, alongside that b**** Malenia (also maybe make the shield droppable by everyone of these insead of only those with a sword?)
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