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By Anonymous
the arrow's stats are wrong

phys dmg 40
magic 125
crit 100
everything else 0
no passives

someone with an account pls edit
By Anonymous
do these explode on impact like the enemie's version? I can't get my hands on them to test and I haven't seen anyone use them either
By Anonymous
**** they really need to add merchants to sell these, i wouldnt be surprised if literally not one person has ever fired more than 5 of these.
By Anonymous
I've never had one, those particular archers only ever dropped golem's great arrows for me and that didn't happen often.
By Anonymous
I’ve fired thirty, took me about 8 hours to get that many
By Anonymous
Aight, so I saw some people asking if these have an AoE like the Golem Great Arrows have and after shooting a few, it does appear to have a magic AoE about the same size as the Golem Great Arrow AoE.
By Anonymous
These arrows plus a greatbow w/ rain of arrows is really in pvp and pve because of the AoE that the arrows have but are really rare and tedious grind just to get a couple of them. I really it changes in the future
By Anonymous
These arrows do not have AoE. Only the standard golem arrows do.
By Anonymous
should be a 50% drop rate, this is absolute madness
By Anonymous
please let us buy them, duping seems immoral
By Anonymous
Give in to your hate
By Anonymous
modifying a single player videogame is not immoral tf?
By GreySkale45
Friend was messing around on a 1.0 disc version of Elden Ring, and he showed that Pidia (the Carian servant) sold these arrows! They had a vendor for these specific arrows, but scrapped it in 1.01 or whatever update, and that just makes me angrier!!
By Anonymous
There’s a few comments down below that claim these arrows have and AoE like the regular Golem arrows, but this is false. I’ve tested this quite a few times on a number of enemies and there is no AoE. It’s possible that they used to have that effect, but as of now they do not.
By Anonymous
i dont care if its 5000 per arrow, just let me buy them god damnit