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By Anonymous
Does this count as a charge attack
By Anonymous
R2 inputs do, yes. So they are boosted by the Axe Talisman
By Anonymous
yes its a charge attack went from a 1352 combo to a 1485 for me
By Anonymous
Also effected by roar talisman.
By Anonymous
Seems to only give damage buff to the weapon its used from, so doesn't work well for dual-wielding.
By Anonymous
Except fists and claws, since they dualwield on default when powerstanced
By Anonymous
Does this buff stack with any other warcry or buff like that? Like could I use a buff switch weapons use this buff and have 2?
By Anonymous
It works like a weapon buff. If you put your weapon away its gone.
By Anonymous
It doesn't stack and putting away your weapon will remove it.
It counts as weapon buff. That means that it also removes all weapon enchantments, and is removed if you apply one.
By Anonymous
Warcry turns your heavy attacks into running charges. Barbaric roar turns your attacks into wild swinging attacks. Both get boosed by roar boosting effects and charge attack boosting effects. Braggart's roar simply gives a damage and defense buff, and attracts enemy aggro over other attackers of the same target (Spirit ashes not included).
By Anonymous
How do you know it attracts enemy aggro? Can anyone confirm this?
By chillypheese
Braggart's Roar gives you the same charge attacks as Warcry but only if you two-hand the weapon.
By Anonymous
Claymore + Barbaric Roar = Gael Phase 1 one handed sword moveset
By Anonymous
Try with twinblades. Hilariously fast and long-reaching.
By Anonymous
Does the colossal weapon attack speed/recovery time buffs affect the roar's strong attacks?