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The will of D
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So everyone hates this guy because he kills Fia, the undead succubus lady? Idk, sounds pretty maidenless to me.
By Anonymous
It is maidenless. You got downvoted by a army of simps
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Holy crap I wanna say you're joking but look at them votes. Elden Ring fans really do be down tremendous.
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On one hand, sure. On the other hand, he's a religious lunatic and a bastard to boot. Like, kill her if you need to, but tone the gloating back a bit at the very least. And it's not like he really needs to kill her. Or there's much point in hunting Those Who Live In Death. As Rogier said, it's not like they committed any crime. And like Goldmask "said": "The noble Goldmask lamented what had become of the hunters. How easy it is for learning and learnedness to be reduced to the ravings of fanatics; all the good and the great wanted, in their foolishness, was an absolute evil to contend with."
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I get what you mean but remember he's pissed that she killed his brother. Can't blame him
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Fia murdering D - Nobody bats an eye
Other D avenges D - Wtf, murderer!!! >:(
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Whole round table hold didnt give a **** he was laying dead in the hallway with death blight sticking out him
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She really didn't need to kill D, he was out killing petty undead and wasn't going to pose a threat to her plans to mend the rune of death at all; he wasn't even aware of her connection to those who live in death.
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Rogier mentions that D has discovered the mark of the Centipede, so it is possible that D had the other half of the cursemark and Fia killed him to obtain it.
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>wasn't going to pose a threat to her plans to mend the rune of death

D and his brother are both fanatically against Those Who Live In Death, to the point where she couldn't even leave the Roundtable without D trying to kill her.
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Based and Golden Order pilled
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Another Golden Order radical sycophant... *unsheathes Moonveil*
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*tips fedora*
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Is it just me or his dialogues are similar to Alfred from Bloodborne (?) or perhaps this is intentional reference?
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I gave him the armor but there is no summon sign for him. Up the stairs before entering the boss door unless I'm missing something. He is still at his original place downstairs and I've exhausted his dialogue.
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yeah he saves the world from an objectively bad end.

but.. he killed my girlfriend and my girlfriend's son so... LE BAD!
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Objectively incorrect opinion; the ending is good but not the best.

Ranni's my girl and her ending is the best, this NPC is just a pathetic sissy-boy that brags about defiling a corpse. Wish I could kill this bastard at the start.
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I feel like Ranni's ending isn't very good at all. It's all about freedom for all, which sounds nice but if everyone can do whatever they want and no greater force will interrupt them, there'd be chaos all around. And wouldn't people just form their own factions and orders anyway? Like, Marika made a mess of things when she turned her back on the finger dudes and broke elden ring, so surely Ranni's thing would have a similar outcome
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