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By WinGzz
FYI, killing him also rewards the same, sword + armor
By Anonymous
We killed him for Fia's honor
By Nfear
So I already finished her quest line where she died in the end. Then I got the letter from Rogier in Roundtable Holdt. Gave the armor set to D's brother and went back to where Fia died before where I found the brother "killing" the already dead Fia. That ending does not seem right when she was already dead.
By Anonymous
Did you still get the sword and armor after?
By Anonymous
I thought it implied she had already died and he thinks he killed her
By Anonymous
I think it's to imply that the twin is insane. And he believes that he killed Fia, when she was already dead. Recall his state of mind when you first meet him...
By Anonymous
She's not dead, from how I understand it she was in a hibernating state so she could either ressurect The Prince of Death(implied to be Godwyn) or birth his offspring.
By Anonymous
Fia is already dead when D stabs her. Her offspring is the Mending-Rune of the Death Prince
By Anonymous
His name is Devin. you can discover this by aggroing and killing D(arian) in Limgrave, near Summonwater village, at the start of the game, before he moves to the roundtable hold. As D is dying, he calls out for "Devin".
By Anonymous
^the forbidden lore
By Anonymous
Does this lock you out of fia's questline then?
By Anonymous
I don't know, but you can wait until Fia's questline is finished (once you get the key item after killing a boss), and then give D's Twin the armor and also complete his questline.
By Anonymous
no. he will only kill her at the end of her questline, when it is already done
By Anonymous
inner order gesture can be gotten before giving the armor.
By Anonymous
His name is Devin. If you kill D immediately at Summonwater his death dialogue is “How could this... happen...? Forgive me, Devin... D-Devin...”
As far as I know this is the only time he's explicitly named.
By Anonymous
unkillable in Nekron, when I hit him a golden barrier defends him
By Anonymous
I don't understand why so many people call Nokron "Nekron". I see it all over this wiki
By Anonymous
I gave him the armor, and then finished fia’s quest line. When I went back to round table to get the armor back he isn’t there nor is fia’s body. I think my quest is bugged
By Triple_A
Not roundtable hold. Go back to Fia's corpse the armor and blade will be there. If you can't find anything there, check out the place where you first met him.
By Slomoshun
One thing you'll learn is not many quests FromSoft creates are bugged. Sure there's been a couple over the decades but most quests just have very strict rules.
By Anonymous
It seemingly takes awhile after he's given the armor. I had to fully complete Fia's questline (boss fight in the mind and all) before anything happened.
By Anonymous
I finished Fia's quest, got the rune, and finished this guy's quest line after.
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