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Finally cleared it after after dying several times as a str/fai with Claymore +20 using trusty Lions Claw AOW. 3 Lion Claw hits should take down each one. Best thing about it is that you stay out of their range and then leap in. Summon the greatshield boys for some extra tackling power. While you're attacking one be aware the other one is probably about to jump on you and move accordingly. And stay out of their frost cones! The last 3 you have to fight together like to spam it. Run around it and if 2 are close together Lions Claw hits them both for big damage.

For their melee attacks, they almost always swing twice, but when they do they take a while to recover. Make sure you're out of the way of both swings then go for the attack, but don't get greedy. One big hit each time is enough.
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Elden Ring is DS2 with more budget
By Anonymous
"Hmm we ran out of time to make interesting enemies and places, lets just cope paste one boss 20 times and throw a bunch of brick ruins around"