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By Anonymous
While it's not as efficient as other spells as dealing damage its much more likely to cause the enemies open to a riposte.
By Anonymous
This spell is so goddamn annoying to deal with -_-
By Anonymous
This obstructs vision in Colosseum and allows instant win ninja ganks.
By Anonymous
Anybody missing Pursuers and Dark Bead? Dark magic went to OP (ds1) to meh (ds3). And now we call it Death magic, because, yeah, is a dead type of magic: only who likes to die casts it.
By Anonymous
Wish we could of gotten some classic hexes, maybe dark orb skull edition, this class could do with a basic projectile spell.
By Anonymous
Wrecks Omens in leyndell sewers. Along with darkmoon greeatsword. Walk in the park
By Anonymous
With new patch this si the most cancerous spell in the game by far. Heeeyy lets make a spell chase you for 10 minutes and cover whole screen
By Anonymous
equip this on a magic build and watch your mimic tear stun lock malenia
By Anonymous
Honestly the only useful death sorcery within the small selection of death sorceries. Ancient Death Rancor is what Rancorcall wishes it can be as it staggers more enemies as well as having slightly more range due to the skull's ability to explode. Why couldn't we get the slow moving exploding skull as a sorcery from the skeleton mages? How about the fast single-skull projectile attack that skeleton mages use? It's a shame that there's no effort to differentiate between the two as Ancient Death Rancor is just way better than Rancorcall in every aspect except FP cost.
By Anonymous
hey from: WHY????? why do these need to last longer? at least make the old volley disappear when a new one gets cast! you thought that was necessary with elden stars, no?
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