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By Anonymous
Can someone who has friends comment on whether this has a nerf in pvp? I’ve never felt tankier and no one I’ve fought who takes these seems any tankier. Meanwhile most defense talismans have a pvp nerf.
By Anonymous
Dont worry crab bro :) i just killed the dung eater before talking to you so you wont die.
By Anonymous
Me: whats up my Man.

Boggart: Marika tits you must be hungry.

Me: give me the usual.

Boggart: here you go 699 crabs.
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By Violen
Sweet ANOTHER amazing f*kin item im locked out of, I mean who actually f*kin doesn't kill this rude trash robber on sight!? Between this and the magic scorp talisman.. I now hate this otherwise great game.
By Anonymous
Live by the blade, regret the consequences lol
By Anonymous
Someone with a brain?
By Anonymous
He is one of the most chill characters and a good bro, shame on you
By Anonymous
Ah yes, killing a non-hostile NPC.
By observeroftime
Crab is an extra 5% compared to prawn, both last 60 seconds, both cost 600 runes. Why would I ever pick prawn over crab? They're nearly identical buffs with one being outright better than the other.
By Anonymous
It's probably a direct upgrade based on the area difficulty.
By Anonymous
Odd that the number of these you can carry isn't limited like with other consumable buffs.
By Anonymous
It's a dream of a lot of tarnished to eat as much crab as they want. Maria's tits, I want crab
By Anonymous
You’re gonna end up like Rogier if you eat those crabs. They are infected with death blight and have the prince of deaths face growing on their backs. Take a look for yourself. Directly below that lake is the prince of deaths body. Miyazaki knew what he was doing when he put a shady crab vendor there. Everyone talks about Miquella or arena DLC but I know Miyazaki is hard at work on a death blight swamp DLC and you bet there’s gonna be consequences for eating crabs Who Live in Death from an escaped convict who is loathsome enough to do time with the Dung Eater.
By Anonymous
Salt wards off evil spirits, clearly Big Boggart knows what he's doing.
By Anonymous
He didnt exactly ward off a spirit saturated serial killer. Those things Dung Eater shoots are literally spirits he’s cursed. And black guard becomes one of them
By Anonymous
dont care *nom *nom *nom *nom
By Anonymous
Does this stack with golden vow?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
"Boiled crab" they are clearly being grilled
By Anonymous
It's a regional dialect
By Anonymous
Tested this in PvP and it works. Damn
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