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By Anonymous
can be gotten from a night's cavalry enemy near the forbidden lands grace at the start of the mountaintops of the giants
By Anonymous
No one is memeing it? Its a real stand!
By Anonymous
Only berserk memes here :(
By Anonymous
Absolutely no reason this should not be able to be put on Reapers. Absolute travesty.
By Anonymous
It can tho
By Anonymous
Reapers count as a polearm, so it can be.
By Anonymous
Found on a nights Calvary soldier at night, just beyond the forbidden lands site of grace
By Anonymous
Does anyone know if any part of the art is parryable? Wanting to test but its really hard to test
By Anonymous
You could block the phantom, and then parry the user. Might work.
By Kantor
You can counter Corpse Piler/Waterfowl Dance with the phantom by sprinting sideways/backwards and activating the skill while locked on. It will send the phantom to the target while moving you to the side or back.
By Kantor
If you sprint to the side or back while locked on, you can send the phantom out while dashing to the side or backwards. It's pretty useful for hitting people during lengthy AoE or combo moves.
By AstralProdigy
Cool conceptually but is rather difficult to land at close range or against mobile enemies. Better to use something else imo.
By Anonymous
I experimented with this far and wide, in pve it's extremely good for big and slow enemies, the damage of the 4 hits stacks nicely, I don't do invasions but it's good against Rob cause rob users just spam the art and you can punish them from out of range, in duels it's usable but too slow and the payoff not so great, only good again Rob as I said and dragon breaths, overall good but use something faster if you want to duel.
By Anonymous
sword dance is a good alternative i think but the advantage of phantom slash is that, like said in the name, there is a phantom, who is able to go through any hitbox