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By Anonymous
This thing is broken op. It staggers every enemy, including bosses in 2 hits. And it has a very wide cone with a hitbox that lasts forever.
By Anonymous
I can attest to this. I've been able to stagger those brown dragons in Caelid with two uses of this.
By Anonymous
Indeed it will be nerfed enjoy it while you can
By agnacore
Haven't seen this in-game yet... looks like that one attack from Keeper of the Old Lords. Hoping it is, that'd be incredibly fun
By Anonymous
will prolly become the new go-to AoW once Froststomp inevitably gets nerfed
By Anonymous
I think its arguably better then hoarfrost for pve, with hoarforst u have to dodge and find windows to use it, this thing will just stagger the boss to death
By Anonymous
I hope hoarfrost stomp keeps its noteriety and eats the nerf, keep this one a secret boys its even more broken tbh, damage is less then hoarfrost but holy fk it stuns everything in 3 hits max, in my collosal hammer build opening up a boss to a stagger is a death sentence. I just open with this to stagger them, then hit them with a critical followed by a full charged heavy and thall do like 4k ish dmg and then another 2 of these will stun the boss again, its insane
By Anonymous
Looking at the most recent patch notes, this is exactly what happened lol
By Anonymous
Looking at the most recent patch notes, this is exactly what happened lol
By Anonymous
This thing staggers everyone and their mom with 1-2 hits.
Costs 14 FP, is almost as fast as moonveil, and has a wide frontal arc AOE.
I don't generally comment on skills regarding balance, but wtf is the reasoning behind such a random skill being so OP lol.
By Anonymous
"is almost as fast as moonveil"
well, tbh the moonveil has a godspeed weapon art while this AoW is just slow af...
By Anonymous
Exactly, it's like 3 times slower lol
By Anonymous
Tbh probably the best skill in the game now that horfrost stomp got nerfed. If anyone has a better argument I'm all ears
By Anonymous
before1.03 when I had hard time on any boss or foe I switch out night and flame for my lords blade with this skill, it was that one who get the game on easy. I don't understand why they nerfed the later since its less OP than this AoW
By Anonymous
Basically everything I wished Scouring Black Flame did, minus the damage over time anyway.
Better startup, almost half the cost, an actually reliable spread, way more damage up front, it poise breaks like a mf, and to top it all off i can use it with my weapon out.
when they inevitably nerf this I really hope our new black flame combustion gets some heavy loving to compensate
By Anonymous
Could someone please see if this was changed in patch 1.03?
By Anonymous
It wasn't. Still the same. Go for it till you can.
By Anonymous
Hopefully they nerf the stagger, but leave the cast speed alone
By Anonymous
nerfing the poise damage makes this skill useless.
By Anonymous
Hopefully they don���t nerf it at all
By Anonymous
Why would you WANT them to nerf an optional move that's ONLY good in PvE?

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