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By Anonymous
Does the poise damage scale with weapon upgrade? I used this now on Istvan (a humanoid NPC) with a +0 caestus, I hit him four times in quick succession and no stagger.
By Anonymous
I really hope this doesn't get nerfed because it's super fun, really usefull for RL1 runs.
By Anonymous
Play with this before it becomes useless
By Anonymous
this aow saved my blood pressure numerous times... use it before it gets nerfed!!
By Anonymous
If 'Gaming Journalist' was a difficulty
By Anonymous
Strange that this didn't get nerfed at all with 1.07.
By Anonymous
Genuinely felt bad after using this on Maliketh
It was so god damn easy lmao
By Anonymous
Definitely needs a nerf for PvE. unlike other overtuned strats like comet azur/ metorite of astel + infinite fp (which can only be done once before resting) or lion's claw/ giant hunt on gugs or other colossals (which require a dedicated strength build), or bleed builds (also requiring a dedicated build), this thing is universally useful, can be applied to any build, can inflict bloodloss via bloodflame blade, and combined with misrecorde, makes it so that you basically don't even have to engage with any of the core mechanics of the game (i-frame dodges, positioning, guard counters, etc.), since you can just stun lock bosses to death.

Increase the damage scaling with the weapon's AR (25% or so), make the stagger damage be like half or a fourth of what it is currently. It retains use as a decent stagger and crowd control option for mobs on builds that aren't speced into the spell caster stats, or don't use heavy weapons, and gives them elemental damage in addition.

The stance damage on this doesn't make any sense, a small cloud of flame shouldn't be doing more stance damage than artorias-flipping with a hunk of steel the size of a bike.
By Anonymous
Hoo boy is this thing massively overtuned. Breaks Elden Beast's poise in four hits, and less against most other bosses in the game. Allows for 3-5 ripostes you would never have gotten otherwise. On top of that, it does decent straight up damage, comes out fast and costs little FP. There are basically no drawbacks to this.
By Anonymous
This is *** in PVP, which is the only place nerfs should be put in place. Taking away people's ability to smash bosses with intended game mechanics is petty.
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By Hirotoro
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It's not petty, it's called tuning and the game have many tuning passes since launch.
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