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By Anonymous
he's this strong, how did he get imprisoned
By Anonymous
I'm sorry, you didn't do anything wrong, you just had sanguine nobles guarding you. you had to die for my convenience.
By Anonymous
Yeah he's hard to kill but people seem to forget you can summon spirits there too.
By Anonymous
Great guy.
By Anonymous
Sure the Burred Bolt is the only item he sells worth buying but killing him despite having a huge health pool JUST for that item ain't worth it for me tbh...

Like i found killing all those 4 nobles one at a time with my best weapons and summons thus farming a good amount of runes AND spend those runes on the items i was looking for felt more rewarding,

Plus..Poor guy is trapped against his will and i feel horrible murdering people who pose no threat.
By Anonymous
Plus he is an artist and seem to be very good with his instrument, and we all know you don't hurt artists out of willy nilly unless you absolutely have to.
By Anonymous
does anyone know what weapon he's using?
By Anonymous
Fishing rod
By Anonymous
looks similar to the cane sword in leyndell
By Anonymous
Just eksykes breath from the doorway and melt em
By Anonymous
I wish i could give him a gravestone
By Shitposter
yall having difficulties killing him when you can just simply get marais executioner sword and spam the ash of war
By Anonymous
When I see this merchant, I have a suspicion feeling that I couldn’t explain. Therefore, I attack him and he uses frenzy flame incantation to fight back. When he dies, he talks about something like” he really loves frenzy flame” but I’m not 100% confirmed…. ( I should have made a record )