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By Rizzu
Kill him to get his bell, then bring it back to the Twins in Roundtable and hand it over. This will let the Twins sell everything that he was selling.
This works with every merchant in the game. As a rule of thumb (with the exception of our imprisoned friend here), kill only the merchants with donkeys. You have zero reason to keep them alive, and even less reason to come back to the middle of no where to purchase from them again.
By Anonymous
you're evil
By Anonymous
Wow the lack of humanity with some players
By Anonymous
I did this too. Felt bad about it but there was no way I was gonna trudge through that cave to find him just to get magic arrows.
By Anonymous
When he dies, he makes the same innocent remarks, but with a bit of insanity at the end going 'Heheheh'.
It was intentional to have him summon those assassins, they don't aggro each other but can be damaged by each other.
By Anonymous
Why does it sound so evil yet so efficient at the same time...
By Anonymous
Drops his bell bearing when killed, like all the traveling merchants. You should definitely be careful though, since he spams frenzy fire magic when you anger him.
By Anonymous
If defeated drops Imprisoned Merchant's Bell Bearing
By Anonymous
Since he is in the middle of nowhere, it is better to just kill him to grab his bell so you can give it to the Roundtable maiden, allowing her to sell the same stuff as him in a much more accessible (and less risky) location. Be careful when you engage him, though. Spawns a blood assassin (same mob that you had to fight to reach him) when attacked, also has a huge health pool and his yellow crazyness spell hits a massive area in front of him, while also dealing huge damage.
By Anonymous
yeah i agree, did just this but he's pretty tough with the assassin and buggy behaivor of the summons. at least I can buy 1k Burr Bolts
By psyconius
Ahh.. he spawns an assassin? I thought it was just him. Some flame spray melted me
By psyconius
Yeah I went back to him and I think those assassins spawn on their own
By Anonymous
Whether you aggro him or not their will always be a knight spawn trap
By Anonymous
Yeah, sorry buddy, I know your not here because you want to be, but i really want your stock at a more accessible location
By Anonymous
This is the first and last one that i killed, he was a sad prisioner. But the location is horrible for a Merchant -
By psyconius
Clearly a joke, but damn he caught me off guard. I had him to half health with like 3 swings when he turned aggro officially and then hit me once for about 40% HP then did some sort of flame spray that melted me instantly.
By Anonymous
super ****ing annoying that this guy is in the middle of a hell-zone and is the only infinite source of dwelling arrows
By Anonymous
Just kill him and give his bell bearing to the old codgers at the roundtable
By menacingturnip
Thats kind of the point I think...... Its almost as if FromSoft does real playtesting. God I love these games.
By Anonymous
dam felt bad enough this was the only merchant i killed for a better location, they really made me feel guilty with some of those lines he says when you attack and kill him.
By Anonymous
I don't care how inaccessible his vending location is. I refuse to kill this man. He is just too lovable.
By psyconius
He's really tough anyway. I had him to half health when he turned aggro officially and then hit me once for about 40% HP then did some sort of flame spray that melted me instantly.
By Anonymous
Im im im im immafraid I have very little to offer
By Anonymous
I simply can't bring myself to kill any of the MerchMAY CHAOS TAKE THE WORLD