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By Anonymous
Budget Blessing of the Erdtree!
By Anonymous
Got the armor set but not the AOW
By Arqan
Since the last patch the HP regen has been buffed quite significantly (~70% increase!). This now restores 600 HP over 35 seconds which is about 17.15 HP/s. Therefore it is the strongest HP/s regen ability in the game and fully stacks with other HP regen effects. It is possible to stack a total of +34 HP/sec with Holy Ground (+17 HP/s), Blessing of the Erdtree (+12 HP/s) , Icon Shield (+3 HP/s) and Blessed Dew Talisman (+2 HP/s).
By Anonymous
really good for invasions. pop it down before getting into a fight for the lingering buff, and so you can retreat to it if you're getting your *** handed to you
By Anonymous
surprised more wizards dont use this. it requires no stat investment and increases survivability substantially
By Anonymous
So using this and Shabiri's Woe makes you an awesome tank against bosses in Co-Op. Grab a greatshield, get a poker like a great spear or heavy thrusting sword, and go to town. Grab a bow if they're leaving your range
By Anonymous
I got this randomly in Auriza...?
By Anonymous
Did you use Margot's shackle? That's what happened to me lol
By Anonymous
I just got it myself randomly but it's not really random. It's just a bug, basically, I did nothing for the chariots to disappear but they just did. I had to check the wiki to know how and why I got this because knowing From Soft, I knew this was a bug.
By Anonymous
can easily be obtained if you run to where the two chariots are and use morgot's shackles a bit further in
By Anonymous
fyi, this thing is immune to your OR your opponent's law of regression. its the only buff that is not a talisman that can survive the anti-buff nuke.