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By Anonymous
Same weight as Jellyfish, x7 suckier
By Anonymous
And yet obtained a lot earlier and a lower Str requirement for Dex builds plus not locked into an ability so you can take Barricade Shield or No Skill instead of being locked into Contagious Fury.
By Anonymous
Wooden Greatshield has higher guard-boost than Jellyfish shield.
By Anonymous
Jelly can't block piercing dmg.
By Anonymous
Not a bad entry-level Greatshield for low strength builds. It even looks quite good.

However, if this appeals to you, the Banished Knight's Shield (Medium shield) is a strictly better option. Almost identical on paper, but lighter, and even better looking!
By Soundless_Scream
I like how this shield looks better, but have started using the banished knight shield as a 100 phys defense lighter alternative, thanks for drawing attention to it.
By Anonymous
Banished Knight's Shield is a medium shield like you said it's not almost identical and it's not just about the weight. Greatshield vs Medium Shield can deflect different attacks.
By Anonymous
To the other anon, that's why I said "almost identical". BKS has 100% physical block, this one doesn't, BKS has higher boost, but covers less of your body, etc. They fit the same slot, but have minor differences, and like you said, Medium vs Greatshield is one of those minor differences.

BKS is just another option for people looking at low-end Greatshields, and in my opinion, is a strictly better option (mostly because of 100% physical, and can reach 100% boost with Barricade Shield, which this one doesn't/can't).

By Anonymous
Kind of a silly comparison because the real value in taking a Greatshield over a Medium one is the extra attack deflections Greatshields offer.

Definitely not better looking either.
By Anonymous
"Strictly" better means there is no way in which it is worse, it's not really a matter of opinion
By Anonymous
For those wondering why you'd take this over a "heavy" medium shield with similar weight and stat requirements, greatshields have a special property of making strong enemies recoil in shock when they hit the shield, giving you an opening to attack. Medium and Small shields are limited in what attacks will cause the enemy to flinch, so this has a niche use of a low strength/weight greatshield guard-state.
By Anonymous
That's a very good point and one of the reasons I love greatshields. The existence of the guard counter in Elden Ring makes this way better and even more effective than it already was.
By Anonymous
****, I accidently clicked downvote on this comment and it doesn't let me revote, however I want to say that this comment is extremely useful and i'l definitely keep that in mind when i'l make a mage or dex focused character.
By Anonymous
Even the worst greatshield is great. Shieldmains can't stop winning ����
By Anonymous
Good to know! The brass shield offers equal/higher stability reducing the stamina costs of blocks a point or two more, but being able to completely recoil a mob for an opening is a far better option when applicable.
By Anonymous
It changes leonine misbegotten from a ******* cheese boss into a common mob. The piece of **** deserves the mad disrespect that greatshields show it.
By Anonymous
If you don’t like the look of the crucible shield, this one matches with their armor set perfectly.
By Anonymous
Wooden shields should have been given a more clear role. Cut the physical block down by 10 points, and then juice magic, lightning and holy resist all the way to 80. Now there's a point to using a wooden shield!
By Anonymous
That's way too high- but wooden shields should have high lightning and holy absorption given most tree enemies are tough to those - kind of wish there was a shield made out of erdtree wood
By Anonymous
A greatshield with just 80% physical block sounds pretty terrible to me. Sure, high elemental resistance is nice but you’re still dealing with physical attacks 95% of the time. Imo, all medium & heavy shields should get 100% physical block (and even most of the small shields in the 80’s & 90’s.) To offset this there should be a bigger difference in guard boost, weight, and STR requirements between wooden and metal shields. Wooden shields should also have generally higher non-fire elemental resistance than metal shields.
By Anonymous
This is definitely the best looking of the lightweight greatshields in my view.
By Anonymous
Distinguished Shield is most beautiful
By Anonymous
Actually a really underestimated tool to have in a low strength build that has stressed weight. Being a greatshield it has a higher hardness tier than medium shields so better for forcing enemies to recoil without costing you blue flasks for Barricade Shield. It also looks really cool
By Anonymous
Completely invalidate every Bloodhound knight, Leonine misbegotten, Black knife assassin and Gladiator on any build with this early, 14str req greatshield; every starting class can easily meet the requirments with godricks rune. (and astrologers only need a soreseal/starscourge emblem for that last point)