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By Anonymous
This dropped off a mounted knight behind the catapults on the way to the Grand Lift of Dectus.
By Anonymous
Excellent magic negation, good in PVP against moonveil and sorcerers
By Anonymous
Seems the description's off, last line is horribly misspelled. Could use a touch-up if anyone knows the actual line.
By Anonymous
Guarding stats change when given Magic affinity: 95PHY/80.5MAG
which is a nice trade off if you need a high Magic resistance.
By Anonymous
The Eclipse Crest Greatshield is the same weight and STR requirements, has better magic resist and guard boost, and gives passive +50 to Focus, Resistance, and Immunity. Unless the Cuckoo Greatshield has some unreported passive or you really like the way it looks, Eclipse is typically just better.
By Anonymous
It’s unreported passive is it looks boss as **** if you’re wearing a mostly silver outfit. Like royal knight’s.
By Anonymous
And Eclipse shield just looks way cooler.
By Anonymous
it's pretty annoying whenever you swap to the eclipse greatshield though, since all those status bars pop up in the middle of your screen
By AstralProdigy
Only True Chads are Willing to use a Great Shield who's name begins with Cuck.
By Anonymous
it's simple, we kill the batman
By Anonymous
You can use the East Raya Lucaria Gate grace to farm that knight without the mobs getting aggro.

Tested it multiple times without any stealth items (black knife set, Crepus’s vial, etc.) and found that the mobs don’t aggro if you can kill the knight in between the two piles of ruins that block the road. I load into the East Gate grace, hop onto the mount, and ride along the road NE until I reach the 2nd pile of ruins blocking the road (not very far). The knight should be aggro once you reach that spot and you can kill it however you want to. Teleport back and repeat.
By Anonymous
There's even another one on the way. If you go north along the cliff you'll come to a drop. At the bottom of the drop you'll find a few goats and the knight is right there. The second one is just a bit farther north.
By Anonymous
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