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By Anonymous
Where is this found? Is it a drop?
By Anonymous
Anyone know the location?
By Anonymous
Where do you find? I've been killing lots of albinaurics for days and still no drop.
By Anonymous
where do i find this
By Anonymous
Does in fact drop from Albinaurics, but only the ones that have it.
By Anonymous
Where does this shield drop?! better magic block than Carian
By Anonymous
From Academy Gate Town site of grace in Liuirnia: head directly north west across a roof and you'll see a collapsed building with a tower in front of you. There are three enemies with the shield here that can drop it.
By Clockwise
Can confirm it drops exactly there but I had to grind for like 2 hours (or 35k runes while 1 of these guys give 134) so it's a pretty rare drop.
By Clockwise
Can confirm they drop it but it seems pretty rare. Farmed them for about two hours and 35k runes (of of them gives 134) until I got it.
By Anonymous
Academy gate town on top of the church a guy drops it GG.
By Clockwise
This might be the best medium shield in the game. With a magic ash of war the magic damage reduction goes up to 70+.
The silver crest shield can't be infused.
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By taj1994
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If you're just going for magic negation, the Carian Knight's Shield is better. 71% base, up to 81.7% with magic infusion. And then there's the Silver Mirrorshield. It can't be infused, but has an 89% magic damage negation, *and* has 100% physical block, which the others don't have when you infuse them with magic

And if you want a general-purpose medium shield, the Brass Shield is the best one. All the other shields only match or beat it in two stats at most