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By Anonymous
The real reason this was nerfed was cause Miyazaki was angry people were using it to get passed the lake of rot.
By Anonymous
Awesome skill, annoying as hell to deal with in pvp with spammers...i get it though, it works. On that same note, if i see you spamming this in pvp against me i will hit your *** with rotten breathe and mohg/vykes spear lol
By Anonymous
While the nerf was needed. I wonder, original bloodhound step locked to small weapons only, maybe even just daggers, would have been pretty balanced, especially if it reverted to nerfed form for PVP only.
By Anonymous
I came for the salt, but not as much as I expected, guess it truly was a hated skill.
By Anonymous
Since BHS is less effective when used consecutively, how do I reset it?
By Anonymous
I'm guessing not using it for a period of time resets it? Not sure though.
By Anonymous
I believe when your character fully rights themself up and finishes the animation that it resets about then. Someone else said it has something similar to a poise meter in how it works. I'd imagine something along those lines. Seems to fit.
By Anonymous
You mean… you’re not saying… I can actually play Elden Ring again??!!??!!
By Anonymous
Was it nerfed enough? Too much? What's the next op skill that needs to be addressed?
By Anonymous
Flaming strike and storm stomp - these are probably the last ones. Their hitboxes stay for way too long, unnaturally too long, it even looks silly and flaming strike hs follow up true combo.

From somber weapons, probably moonveil's skill - it should get something similiar to what RoB got. And eochaid drill sword should get less benefit from consecutive attacks to not make it an instakill.
By Anonymous
Flame of the Redmanes (The halberd elitists hated that)
By Anonymous
not a skill but bleed needs some reworking
By Anonymous
seppuku and flame of redmane are both stupid
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By Kaze
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Huh, didn't expect them to patch tears of denial back into the game.
By Anonymous
RIP Bloodhound's Step. You won't be missed
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