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By Anonymous
This will be a necessary evil until sorcerers can no longer spam you to death.
By Anonymous
crimsonwhorl bubble tear my friend turns all non physical damage into healing for like 15 seconds. Use this paired with something for poise like the poise tear and just rush them
By Anonymous
Y’all must be trash there’s are so many ways around BHS
By Anonymous
And you're delusional. There's literally no way to combat BHS. It has 94% invincibility frames. The best counter is waiting for the person to trade with you or wait until their FP runs out. Which are two things the person can you know...just not do. When every good PvPer who PvPed in DS1, DS2, DS3 and even BB agrees that this ash if probably means it is. Just saying.
By Anonymous
More like every gank squad that’s salty because their Moonveil sand rivers of blood get outplayed
By Anonymous
Dannng ALL the good pvpers? Thats a lot of good pvpers man that's crazy they all agree, thankfully you could convene that meeting to discuss.
By Anonymous
best ash of war to pair with off hand staff as battle mage, makes late game mage build soo much better adding best mobility to a class with possibility best range attack from safe distance even better. one of my all time favorite aow, must have for almost every build even if u put it on dagger just for getting through lake of rot etc.
By Anonymous
Noob bad player friendly (for pvp of course)
By Anonymous
The "Make Malenia a fair fight" button
By Anonymous
You can avoid everything she does with medium rolls, lol.
By Anonymous
You can also beat the whole game without getting hit lol but not everyone is Neo.
By Anonymous
They should nerf it in some way but it should still be a strong skill. Maybe a cool down charge where the longer you wait between uses it the more steps you get to use in succession
By Anonymous
i think there should be a maximum weight requirement so you cant use super heavy armor with it
By Anonymous
Maybe 20 FP cost and like 40 stamina would be appropriate for this, so people can't just spam this over and over while abusing roll-attack animations with it.

Or maybe people could just stop using OP skills all the time and try actual fun builds instead.

Let's see how many down votes this comment will get.
By Anonymous
i agree with you.
By Anonymous
man you really cast that line out. I say make it use your hp instead because BLOODhound step (am I doing it right)
By Anonymous
Getting real tired of just chilling with my homie progressing through the game, but suddenly some invader shows up with his win button and ruins all the fun.
By Anonymous
Unga bunga blood hound dunga!
By Anonymous
Then turn off invaders? its literally just a setting you can turn off and on. If youre just chilling with your homies progressing through the game, and dont want people showing up with powerful ashes of war to ruin your day, just turn them off, cause theres a couple dozen other ashes of war that should make you equally upset.
By Anonymous
Its pretty much cheating in PvP if you're up against someone using it. Just don't bother and use the Finger Severer.
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