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By Anonymous
Some people really still can’t counter it after the patches, it’s about timing. If People just lure and run away the whole time they’re cheeks at the game and that can be done without bhs or quickstep. it just takes timing and poise to counter unless they’re cheesing it with heavy poise and DEF or magic as well. The only nerf that really needs to be made is to poise. Poise should determine the effectiveness of dexterity based weapons and skills. People in full goat or heavier armor should be barred from using it entirely and the ability should be limited to smaller loads/ lower poise builds (light load) and dex based weapons like hookclaw, katana etc. but I use it and if you know how to use it it actually takes precision and timing to use.
By Anonymous
Still needs to be simply removed from online, both coop and invasions as well as arena mode. Cannot be beaten unless the user suffers brainrot.
By Anonymous
There's a reason BHS and QS are banned in tournaments. If anyone you fight is decent at using these, you cannot do anything unless you have a higher priority weapon and reaction/prediction trade, or have one of these yourselves and then play the entire match just teleporting around without ever hitting each other.
By Anonymous
Dude if a bhs user isn’t using ranged attacks or obscenely long weapons, it’s not at all hard to beat. If you use bullgoat with fast hitting dex, you know you’re cheesing. That same concept applies to BHS. I’ll admit that it was broken but it’s been fixed beyond fixing since than, the only thing that needs to be fixed for this game to even be in the state for competitive play is an overhaul on poise and what weapons can use which skills.
By Anonymous
I block all players on Steam who use this skill. Even if I'm winning and suddenly the opponent switches weapons and starts using BHS. I do the same with players who use dual vyke, dual run-pike-pokers and sleep builds.
By Anonymous
I have a really good idea that will properly balance this ability that I think everyone can get behind. It's simple really, all Fromsoft needs to do is delete bloodhound step from the game, and permanently ban anyone who has ever even had it in their inventory just to be on the safe side. Unfortunately this will include me, but it's the only way to be safe from bloodhound step.

Seriously though if they just did something about the ability to cancel recovery animations via bloodhound step, quickstep and raptors of the mist they would be fine.
By Anonymous
Have you ever thought that maybe some people just shouldn't be allowed to speak?
By Anonymous
Frustrated spammer mage?
By Anonymous
put it on a thrusting sword and make everyone despise you
By Anonymous
aight let me sum it up, there is a mf in the arena who oviously practices the same tactic over and over, uses thrusting sword with this, forces you to fight at close distance, spams r1s till you are scalet rotted if you die you get a dung simple as that so thats why i agree it should be disabled for pvp (in the arenas at least) couldnt hit her once unless she did a trade for the last attack.
By Anonymous
Literally could not be more of a skill issue
By Anonymous
Sounds like rather than call for an ability to be removed, you could just...keep distance from your opponent.
By Anonymous
Should be disabled for pvp
By Anonymous
why you downvote him? he is right
By Anonymous
*psst* Notin' personel kid...
By Anonymous
Sorry guys I joined the cringe earlier I was up against a star fist with quickstep ash of war with tree sentinel armor he kept pressuring had to put on my emergency BHS ash
By Anonymous
BHS roll, BHS roll, repeat.
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